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Embodied Word

2020, egg tempera, shellac, wood stain, sculpted wood board, 40 x 40 cm




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Egg tempera - the most durable technique, next to wax, in which the dye binder is organic. It can be wine, vinegar or water mixed with egg yolk (egg tempera). This technique has been known since ancient times and is most popular in the Middle Ages. Unlike oil painting, paint dries quickly, shines when dry and is more difficult to select and mix colours.

Shellac - a variety of natural resin, obtained from the secretion of insects (Kerria lacca) called June (from red colour), living in India and Thailand on trees, popularly called shellac. Depending on the type of tree, the shellac is yellow to red-brown. In India, this resin has been used as a dye for colouring clothes since ancient times. Since the 16th century, it has been a valued furniture surface polish as well as an ingredient of varnish, lacquer and solder varnish. Natural shellac, despite the wide use of synthetic resins, is irreplaceable in many areas: in food industry, pharmaceutical industry, production of paints and varnishes, ink, renovation of antique objects.

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