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Our Lady of Saariselka

2020, egg tempera, levkas, schlagmetal, wood board, 20 x 15 cm




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Egg tempera - the most durable technique, next to wax, in which the dye binder is organic. It can be wine, vinegar or water mixed with egg yolk (egg tempera). This technique has been known since ancient times and is most popular in the Middle Ages. Unlike oil painting, paint dries quickly, shines when dry and is more difficult to select and mix colours.

Schlagmetal - thin flakes mostly imitating gold, aluminium or copper, with which many surfaces (glass, wood, canvas, metal and others) can be gilded. Slagmetal flakes are thicker and harder than gold flakes, which simplifies the process of covering the surface.

Lewkas (gesso) - (from the Greek word leukos, i.e. white), glue-chalk primer used in board painting and in gilding. It is applied on the icon in the hot, usually in about twelve layers. One layer for one day. The prayer of the ritual then turns its attention to the Apostles (one for each layer). He reminds us of their deeds and asks for intercession.

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