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2020, egg tempera, lacobel glass, wood, indian ink, waxing, LED lighting, 85 x 45 cm




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Indian ink - consists of soot combined with water. It forms a watertight layer after drying. The binding agent can be gelatin or, more commonly, shellac. It is characterized by the highest resistance to light and can be used on various types of substrates. It is used in medical applications.

Egg tempera - the most durable technique, next to wax, in which the dye binder is organic. It can be wine, vinegar or water mixed with egg yolk (egg tempera). This technique has been known since ancient times and is most popular in the Middle Ages. Unlike oil painting, paint dries quickly, shines when dry and is more difficult to select and mix colours.

Lacobel glass - a decorative type of glass in float technology, i.e. a perfectly smooth sheet of flat glass. It is created by covering one side of the glass with a glossy or matt varnish in any colour. Thanks to this, the coating is resistant to any kind of discoloration and damage.

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