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Jacob’s Ladder

2011, acrylic, levkas, wood board, 45 x 15 cm




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Lewkas (gesso) - (from the Greek word leukos, i.e. white), glue-chalk primer used in board painting and in gilding. It is applied on the icon in the hot, usually in about twelve layers. One layer for one day. The prayer of the ritual then turns its attention to the Apostles (one for each layer). He reminds us of their deeds and asks for intercession.

Kowczeg - shallow indentation in the middle of the front side of the board. In the Orthodox Slavonic language the word kowczeg means ark and refers to the Ark of the Covenant. It indicates the sacred character of the painting itself as a kind of relic. In the kowczeg the main image was placed, and at the edge of the board, called the icon field, small scenes and figures of saints (glue) or inscriptions. Often the field remains empty, or a part of the painting enters it from the kowczuga (e.g. a halo). A slight curvature between the icon field and the kowczeg is called a lyre.

Acrylic paint - its binder is polyacrylic resins, in which pigment particles are suspended. Used in printing, construction, painting. In artistic applications they can be applied thickly like oil paints or in thinly transparent layers. They do not have such a wide range of colours as oil or tempera paints. Apart from the pigment, they can also contain Arabic gum and other substances changing viscosity and drying speed.

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