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Published on 01/11/20

Until December 5th, in the Museum of Icons in Supraśl you can see the exhibition “Transfiguration. Jerzy Nowosielski, Leon Tarasewicz”. The idea of the exhibition is based on the presentation of the “Transfiguration” on Mount Tabor from 1961 by Jerzy Nowosielski (collection of the Museum of the Catholic University of Lublin) in relation to the “site-specific” concept prepared by Leon Tarasewicz.

The artists have met many times in a master-student – friend relationship. The personality and work of Nowosielski influenced the formation of Tarasewicz’s artistic personality. This fascination, however, is not only expressed in the sphere of painting, but is primarily based on the intellectual field.

During the opening of the exhibition, Anda Rottenberg noticed that both Nowosielski and Tarasewicz, in their art, are constantly looking for evidence for the existence of God. These words are very well aware of the essence of their artistic double voice, as contemporary art can express the evangelical message in an exceptionally suggestive way.

The temporary exhibition is available free of charge as part of the permanent exhibition at the Icon Museum in Supraśl from 22 August to 5 December 2020.


(Source: Organizer’s materials).

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