Born in 1975 in Starogard Gdański. Painter and sociologist of culture. Author of fifty solo exhibitions in Poland and abroad (in the United States, Holland and Belgium). He has taken part in several group exhibitions (in Denmark, Belgium, France, the United States, Italy, Spain, Kazakhstan and Poland). He has been awarded a five-time Cultural Scholarship of the City of Gdańsk (2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016) and a four-time Cultural Scholarship of the Mayor of Starogard Gdański (2019, 2018, 2017, 2016). In 2019, the winner of the Wierzyczanka award, the Mayor of the City of Starogard Gdański in the field of culture. In 2016, he received the Starogard Mayor’s Cultural Award. He lives in Gdańsk.

Exhibitions and projects:

2020 – “Icon Matter”, Nowy Warzywniak Gallery, Oliwa City Hall of Culture, Gdańsk, Poland
2020 – “Beyond the Frame”, Orleans House Gallery, London, Great Britain
2019 – “Clearance projections”, Extravagance Gallery, Sosnowiec Art Centre, Sielecki Castle, Sosnowiec, Poland
2019 – “Landscapes of the Icon”, Podlaska Gallery, Biała Podlaska, Poland
2019 – “Metaphysical landscapes”, Diocesan Museum, Toruń, Poland
2019 – “Festival d’Art Sacre de Senlis”, France
2018 – “Icons-passages: shapes and materials”, Płock Art Gallery, Płock, Poland
2018 – Some old, some new. Exhibition for the twentieth anniversary of creative activity, Szafa Gallery, Starogard Gdański, Poland
2018 – “Icons-passages”, Muz Gallery, Toruń, Poland
2018 – Gdańsk Art Biennale 2018, Gdańsk City Gallery, Gdańsk, Poland
2018 – “Kociewie ART”, Old Town Hall, Gdańsk, Poland
2017 – Icons-materies: paintings about icons”, Nova Gallery, Malbork, Poland
2017 – Periphery of the Icon: icons: iconomateries, Castle Gallery, Lubin, Poland
2017 – Icons-landscapes: paintings about icons, Municipal Gallery, Inowrocław, Poland
2017 – Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Szyb Wilson Gallery, Katowice, Poland
2014 – Annaborg Kunstforening, Hilleroed, Denmark
2009 – Media Center, Astana, Kazakhstan
2007 – Schilderijen, Rodipa/Concipio Gallery, Tienen, Belgium
2007 – Me Art Gallery, Washington, USA
2007 – Polish Art Exhibition, Rome, Italy
2006 – Project Palabras para el Viento, Burgos, Espania
2005 – Polish Views, Nieuw Schoten Gallery, Haarlem, Nederlanden
2005 – Concipio Gallery, Lubeek, Belgium
2002 – Embryo2 Gallery, Lubeek, Belgium
2002 – PII Gallery, Filadelfia, USA
2002 – Embryo Gallery, Leuven, Belgium
2002 – King Hale Gallery, Sarasota, USA
2002 – A Gallery, Starogard Gdański, Poland
2001 – Leda Gallery, Chicago, USA

Artists Statement:

For years I have been close to the artistic reflection on the phenomenon of the icon. I consider this subject to be lively and inspiring, especially with regard to what is unobvious, marginal, peripheral in the icon. Inspiration by the icon’s aesthetics is a rich tale of different shapes, which can be taken by reference to its multithreading, and at the same time (above all) about the different materials that build and define the icon. The main idea of this approach indicates two main directions of references to the icon. First of all, to its form and content, meaning shapes – by transforming motifs characteristic of the icon’s style, which gives the result of more or less figurative works. Second, the reflection on the subject matter of the icon leads to focus on the symbolic components of the icon (body/matter and light/lumination), which results in non-figurative images.

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