She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw with a degree in painting. In 1999, she received her diploma in K. Wachowiak’s studio, and an annex in R. Strent’s workshop graphics. She mainly works in tempera painting on a board. She is interested in the aesthetics of medieval and early Renaissance painting, especially of Italian provenance. The artist is inspired by romantic gardens, ruins, travels around Europe, old tales and baroque music.

Exhibitions and projects:

2020 – „Art in the Plague Times”, Oranżeria Gallery, Jabłonna, Poland
2018 – „Private landscapes”, Bohema Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2015 – „Mappa Mundi”, Korekta Gallery, ZPAP, Warsaw, Poland
2014 – „Colour, symbol et cetera”, Auditorium al Duomo, Florence, Italy
2014 – „Unicorn in Florence”, Korekta Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2012 – „Theological places”, Camaldolese monastery, Warsaw, Poland
2012 – „Italian, Italian!”, Polswissart Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2012 – „Our Italian inspiration”, Auditorium al Doumo, Florence, Italy
2011 – „Revival of the Renaissance”, Opole, Poland
2010 – „Green places”, Latająca Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2005 – Institute of Polish Culture, Prague, Czech Republic

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